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ронгалит кесектери деген эмне?

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Sodium formaldehyde sulfoxylate, also known asrongalite, is a whitenubbyor crystalline powder of organic compounds, chemically namedformaldehyde sodium hyposulfite, molecular formula is NaHSO2-CH2O-2H2O, soluble in water, more stable at room temperature, decomposed into sulfitesaltat high temperature, with strong reducing properties.

Therongalite is based on sodium metabisulphite, which is obtained by the reduction of zinc powder and the addition of formaldehyde in one step.

The reduction and addition of the raw materials are completed in the same kettle and the reaction products are all transformed into products without waste.

In addition to the main product, a chemically pure zinc oxide (99.5 %) is also produced.

The process is characterised by short flow times, stable technical conditions, low investment in equipment and simple operation.

The solution begins to decompose above 60(℃)degrees Celsius.

It is usually used as a bleaching agent in industry.


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