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Ронгалиттин касиеттери жана негизги колдонулушу кандай?

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Name: Sodium formaldehyde sulfoxylate;Rongalite C lumps;Rongalite dihydrate;

Sodium bisulfoxylate formaldehyde;sodium hydroxymethane sulfinate

Molecular formula:NaHSO2-CH2O-2H2O

CAS No.:149-44-0/6035-47-8

Properties:Also known as sodium formaldehyde bisulfate (rongalite).

Rongalite powder translucent white rhombohedral crystals or small pieces.

Apparent density 1.80-1.85g/cm3. melting point 64℃ (dissolved in its crystalline water). Decomposes above 120°C.

Freely soluble in water, slightly soluble in alcohol.

Anhydrous salt is more stable. However, it gradually decomposes in humid air. Strongly reductive at high temperatures.

The traditional three-step production methodfor rongalite powder consists of zinc powder and water to form a slurry,

pass into the sulphur dioxide for reaction to produce even zinc dithionite, then add formaldehyde addition,

zinc powder reduction and then react with sodium hydroxide to produce.

The new one-step production methoduses sodium metabisulphite as the raw material

and is completed in one step by the reduction of zinc powder and the addition of formaldehyde.

It is used as a drawing agent and reducing agent for printing and dyeing,

for the synthesis of rubber, for the production of sugar,

for the production of indigo dyes and reducing dyes.

The sodium formaldehyde sulfoxylate sold by Rongda Chemical are produced using the new process.

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